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SE 2 D297: ScriptFest 2017

I'm not going to say much here in the blog; I'll let the video do it instead. Today was a great day of screenwriting education at ScriptFest 2017. I attended classes with script consultant Danny Manus who gave me great advice at last year's Nashville Writer's Conferernce, screenwriters Chad and Corey Hayes (Chad remembered me from Nashville, though he wasn't as clear on the script I pitched him - LOL), Steve La Rue, Steven James, Jill Chamberlain and the always fabulous Whitney Davis.

I also met a lot of new screenwriters hoping to make their pitch this weekend: Laura, Luz, Jimmy, Keo (hope I'm spelling that right), Burke, Michael, Mitchell, Ryan, Rob and so many others.

After staying out drinking last night with the scribes, I'm going to try and hit the hay early tonight to be ready for the pitch sessions tomorrow. The loglines are done, the one sheets prepared; I'm as ready as I can be.

Like today, I'll be live tweeting and facebooking from the even to keep you up on the action. You can follow along on Twitter at @ScriptJourney or on The Screenwriter's Journey Facebook page. And of course I'll have a complete wrap up right here on the website.

So, let's get ready to pitch!

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