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SE2 D195: Electro

I just got home from the Tuesdays@9 writers' workshop and I have to say I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I received notification from Kevin Hoffer, one of the hosts of the workshop, that a writer had dropped out and there was an open slot available if I had pages ready. I had applied for a slot several weeks back for a chance to hear Electro read and, anticipating a potential drop out, I had already printed out my pages to be ready at a minute's notice. So, I was more than ready to step in.

Electro has already been workshopped at both Rewrites and IAWTV, plus I had received notes from several personal readers. I was feeling pretty confident in the script and was looking forward to Tuesday's as a final read. As it turned out, things couldn't have gone any better.

I lucked out in getting a really good actor to read the role of Charlie, a high school student who takes revenge on a fellow classmate for bullying. The changes made to the opening scene really set up the world of the high school and the various interactions of the students. An additional moment between two teachers completed the world and received a good amount of laughter in all the right places. The setup for what was to come was just about perfect. The audience was taken by surprise when the gunshots rang out. From there to the end you could hear a pin drop in the theater.

The comments following the reading were all highly positive and several attendees pushed me to film the project, while others urged an expansion into a full-length script. I was already contemplating shooting the project and this only increases that desire. I've already got the equipment, the script seems to be a very good shape and I found an actor who seems perfect for the role. In fact, one writer commented that I won't find a better actor and to jump on this project now.

The only obstacle at this point seems to be the financing. I'll need to come up with a budget over the next several weeks and determine what permits will be required. I even have two possible locations to shoot at; all I need now is some cash and a little luck.

Cross your fingers.

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