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William’s writing has been acknowledged with best play honors (The Tragedy of Frankenstein),  quarter finalist at the Austin Film Festival (Nightfalls), semi-finalist at the Pinter Review (Yea, Though I Walk) and a top fifteen honorable mention in the 78th Writer’s Digest Awards (The Devil’s Tramping Ground).  William’s short film Wombshot was an official selection at both the Arizona International Film Festival and the Palm Springs International Film Festival.


Demos of William’s work may be viewed at

Professional ​
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An experienced writer, producer and editor, William has created numerous video, film and stage projects across a variety of genres including feature films, documentaries, on-air promos, trailers, web videos, theatrical productions, behind-the-scenes featurettes, ‘making of’ specials and dvd bonus materials. He is also the creator of one of Los Angeles' premiere hiking websites,



William Gilmore



       • Halfway There (feature length drama)






       • The Prince of Paupers (feature length drama)             







       • Wombshot  (short film adaptation)








       • Oral Communication (short comedy)





       • Hikin ’n' Bikin’ (short comedy)






       • You Wrote It, You Watch It (sketch comedy series)






       • Starz on the Set: The Santa Clause 3





      • Starz on the Set: The Shaggy Dog


       • The Luggage Jacket



       • Adam & Eve At Home Seasons 1 & 2






       • On the Road to Recovery



       • The Tragedy of Frankenstein (drama)











       • Ham-lite (one-act comedy)







       • Oral Communication (one-act comedy)





       • First Date (one-act comedy)





       • Last Supper (one-act drama)










       • Nightfalls (feature length thriller)








       • The Devil’s Tramping Ground (feature length horror)








       • The Calling (feature length horror)







       • Little Boy Blue (feature length, light family comedy)




       • Shadow of the Reaper (feature length horror)






       • Yea, Though I Walk (full length drama)










      •  Christopher Street:  Fairy Tale Conversations from the

          West Village (full-length tragi-comedy)









     •  Indian Givers (one-act comedy)



• Telly Award


     Halfway There

        - Low-budget feature

        -  Social Issues


     On The Road to Recovery

        - Social Issues

Resume & Samples

Five young adults in a rehab center discover they aren’t so different as they struggle to recover their lives from the abyss of drug addiction.

Commissioned/Produced by Periwinkle Productions

The true story of Guillermo Descalzi’s rise to the top of Spanish television and subsequent fall from high-stepping celebrity to homeless drug addict on the streets of Washington, DC.

Commissioned by Gama Productions 


A young woman tells the tale of a confused girl who tries to give herself an abortion never realizing the girl in her story is, in fact, herself.

Produced by Mill Creek Productions

Official Selection at Arizona International Film Festival

Official Selection at Palm Springs International Film Festival



A slip of the tongue turns a one-night stand into a bitter, biting, battle of the sexes.

Produced by Mill Creek Productions



Two young men hiking a back road meet an unexpected biker.

Produced by BMB Productions  





Viewer’s letters are re-enacted in brief skits hosted by Jon


Produced by MTV

Eileen Katz, Executive Producer   



Tim Allen hosts this behind-the-scenes look at his third go-around as the fat guy in the red suit.

Produced by EMC West for Disney



Tim Allen hosts this behind-the-scenes look at the remake of a Disney classic.

Produced by EMC West for Disney



Your luggage protects your clothes, but what protects your luggage? The Luggage Jacket, of course! a 30-minute, long-form infomercial that aired on stations around the country.

Produced by On The Mark Productions


Take your romance to new levels with adult products from Adam & Eve in this series of 30-minute infomercials airing on stations around the country.

Produced by On The Mark Productions



Periwinkle Productions presents a riveting look inside the world of addiction with a full-length documentary featuring 5 different stories from across the country.

Produced by Periwinkle Productions





A full-length adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel featuring a Chorus Master and his Chorus of Imps retelling the tragic history of Victor Frankenstein.

Produced by Praxis Theatre Project, NYC

Produced by NSU of Louisiana, Natchitoches, LA

Produced by Theatre Downtown, Orlando, FL  

Produced by the Francis W Parker School, Chicago, IL

Winner of the Annual New Play Competition, Theatre Downtown, Orlando, FL



A slightly abridged version of Shakespeare’s greatest play told by three traveling players in a commedia style presentation involving audience participation.

Produced by Theatre Conspiracy, Ft. Myers, FL

Produced by Stage One Children’s Theatre, Louisville, KY



A slip of the tongue turns a one-night stand into a bitter, biting, battle of the sexes.

Produced by Collaborations, New York, NY



A decidedly one-sided view of the trials and tribulations of dating from the male perspective.

Produced by Collaborations, New York, NY



Two brothers share a final meal as one tries to convince the other to confess to a crime he didn’t commit.

Produced by North Park Playwright Festival, San Diego, CA








An erotic thriller in the vein of “The Others” and “The Sixth Sense which follows a police investigation into the underground world of sex clubs and after-hours bars in search of a serial killer.

Quarter-finalist, Austin Film Festival

Reading at NYC Playwrights, New York City



After spending the night at an allegedly haunted location, a trouble college senior experiences a series of paranormal events with deadly consequences, but is it his own paranoia or has a sinister force invaded his soul?

Honorable Mention, Writer’s Digest 78th Annual Writing Contest



A happy couple is torn apart when the husband suffers a near death experience and ghosts follow him back to the world of the living.

Honorable Mention, Writer’s Digest 78th Annual Writing Contest



A young bachelor takes in his nephew and rediscovers the value of family.



A small college town is terrorized by the visage of the Grim Reaper.





On the last night of his life in a prisoner-of-war camp, a young man re-examines his decision to enlist in the American Civil War.

Honorable Mention, Writer’s Digest 72nd Annual Writing Contest

Semi-finalist, Pinter Review

Reading at NYCPlaywrights, New York City

Reading at Collaborations, New York City




Peter Payne hosts his own memorial service at the Neverland Bar, a fairytale world of trolls, princesses and shirtless Lost Boys who mask the pain of growing up with bottomless drinks and drug-fueled sex in dark back rooms.

Developed at Playwrights6, Los Angeles, CA

Honorable Mention, Writer’s Digest 78th Annual Writing Contest



A brief overview of 500 years of  American History that takes pot shots at everyone and everything.

Reading at NYCPlaywrights, New York City

Reading at Collaborations, New York City

Reading at Playwrights 6, Los Angeles




Halfway There

Starz on the Set: The Santa Clause 3

The Luggage Jacket Infomercial

On the Road to Recovery

The Tragedy of Frankenstein

The Tragedy of Frankenstein - NY Poster

Catawba College School of Performing Arts
BA Degree in Theatre
Salisbury, NC


​While attending this liberal arts college on scholarship, William appeared in productions of Spoon River Anthology, Dracula, The School for Scandal, The Actor's Nightmare and played the title role in Shakespeare's Hamlet. William was also the scene shop forman, overseeing the construction of mainstage shows and was the scenic designer for Cloud 9. In his senior year, William directed a faculty version of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?



Edison State College - AA Degree in Theatre
Ft. Myers, Fl


William attended Edison State College on full scholarship while appearing in in numerous stage productions including A Streetcar Named Desire, Indians, The Sorrows of Stephen, The Mousetrap and Harvey. After graduating from Catawba College, William returned to Edison to design and construct sets for Little Murders and Bus Stop and appeared as Alan Strang in Equus.



New York University School of Continuing Education
Video Production Certification Program
New York, NY


While sitting in the rock of "rock 'n' roll" as a receptionist at MTV's headquarters in New York, William took advantage of the company's continuing education benefit plan and enrolled at NYU to get his first taste at production off the stage and behind the camera. Not only did MTV pay for the classes, but they offered him his first Production Assistant's job on MTV's New Year's Eve show.

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