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Day 358: 15 Pages Closer

The long drought is over. I pulled off 15 pages today. That's not a full 15 of new material, but there is quite a bit of new and/or rewritten stuff and some major restructuring to get this section to work. The actual page count of the script only went up by one page to 117 (just another page that has to get trimmed eventually!), but enough work went into this section that I feel okay with calling it the 15 pages it is. That brings me up to about page 74 or 75 for the script. If I can get through another 15 pages on the each of the next two days, that will be 47 for the month and put me close to the end of the script with still a week to go. I can possibly not only make this month's quota, but make up for the miserable month that was July.

That's all the time I have for blogging. Time to do some more screenwriting.

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