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Day 43: ScriptTalk and Clowns

Today was a busy, full day of activity. After a late night of reviewing the work I did on Come Ups, I rose early to do some rewrites on the latest Everyday Clowns episode to prep it for a reading tonight at the IAWTV writer's workshop. I was hoping to cut it down a bit from its nearly 16 pages and ended up adding material to make it 17 pages. It raised a few eyebrows at the reading, but they went through with it anyway. If the previous episodes hadn't made such a good impression, I doubt they would have let me get by with that amount of pages.

Following the rewrites, I rearranged the living room and turned it into a makeshift studio to record the latest ScriptTalk™ interview. This one follows actor Joey Adams who was written a pilot for a TV series and he gives us the scoop on attaching talent and finding financing. As soon as I was finished with the interview, it was off to the IAWTV.

The reading went well, although I felt it lagged a bit. It's has a slightly different tone than earlier episodes. We get some backstory on our clowns and find out not everything is always happy and fun, but they do their best to put a comical spin on everything. I did get one good piece of feedback that will help trim some pages from the script. Billy is becoming a mime and has kidnapped Sugar Pop's son. He threatens to take his voice if Sugar doesn't do as the mimes say and betray Mr. Fancy Pants. He throws his head back and laughs evily (silently, of course). It makes for a great cliffhanger. I won't worry to much about the rest just yet. I imagine there is going to be a significant amount of restructuring once I complete the story arc. No sense in making substantial changes now when I'm not even sure what those changes should be.

Before I go to bed, I'll look over the third act of Come Ups and start thinking of what changes are going to be needed there.

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