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Season 4 Archive
Raymond Rohauer: King of the Film Freebooters

William K. Everson


When nefarious film collector Raymond Rohauer (1924–1987) died at a relatively young age, reputedly of complications related to AIDS (with his lover following only months later), few lamented his passing. But it is fair to say classic film lovers the world over breathed a collective sigh of relief and many openly rejoiced at the news. To this day, whenever his name is dragged up in any gathering of those in the know, loud groans invariably ensue. They’re swiftly accompanied by various anecdotes, all of which are guaranteed to paint Rohauer in a bad light. 

How I Am the Night‘s Creator Built Noir Series Around a Nearly Mythic True Crime

Hugh Hart - The Credits

A fresh angle to the Black Dahlia case presented itself to writer Sam Sheridan 10 years ago after Patty Jenkins, his director wife, met a woman in her late fifties named Fauna Hodel at a local coffee shop. He says, “I remember Patty coming home and saying ‘You will not believe the shit I just heard.’ She brought back some clippings and told me Fauna’s story. My mind was blown.” Thus began a decade-long journey to revisit the Black Dahlia legacy through the eyes of a teenaged girl.

Interview: Director Dan Gilroy on Manipulation and Ditching the Character Arc

Russ Fischer

It’s rare to see a directorial debut that is a total home run, but that’s Nightcrawler in a nutshell. I sat down with Dan Gilroy to talk about the film, and admitted that, as horrible as the guy can be, I’m somewhat envious of Lou’s pure drive to succeed. We talked about sociopaths, the liberation that comes from ditching a traditional character arc, and the beauty of Los Angeles at night.

Ardel Wray: Val Lewton’s Forgotten Screenwriter

Clive Dawson

Bright Lights Film Journal

During the wartime years of the 1940s, RKO Pictures produced a series of low-budget B-movie chillers that have since become classics of the genre. However, screenwriter Ardel Wray, whose credits include I Walked with a Zombie, The Leopard Man, and Isle of the Dead, remains largely unrecognized, despite contributing to more RKO projects than any other single writer and despite being the only female writer on their team.

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