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Day 304: End of Month Tally

After an exciting previous two months, June was more than a let down. I did manage to meet and exceed my writing goal. I hit around 60 pages, maybe a little more, for the month. That's double my required minimum, but almost all of that writing was concentrated in just a few days, usually Thursdays. I needed fresh pages for the Rewrites Workshop each week, and I would wait until Thursday and spend the day pounding the keyboard and hitting print just before heading to the workshop. If it hadn't been for the workshop, I may not have written any pages. What really irritates me is that I manged to exceed my goal with minimal effort. If I had applied that effort throughout the month, I would literally have hundreds of pages completed. At least one completed screenplay and possibly a second. I do have the consolation of making my goal, however.

Where I really fell down was in maintaining the website. I only managed to post 6 articles to the news page and only updated the box office results once. The SWJ site was not a web destination in June. That's something I hope to rectify in July.

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