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Day 302: A Self-Imposed Writer's Retreat

After several weeks of struggling to get things going, I've decided to change up my whole routine for a fresh start. I got the idea a week or two ago when temperatures hit around 115 degrees in the Valley. The air conditioning at my house was out and the repairman can't get here for several weeks. So, I took my laptop to the library and managed a little writing in the publicly funded cool air. Since I was at the library, I was unable to take a break and go to the fridge or see what was on TV or indulge in other distractions. As a result, I managed to knock out a fair number of pages in one sitting. It was like my own personal writer's retreat.

I've decided to take that concept to the next level and actually create a month-long virtual retreat and deliver a concentrated writing effort beginning effectively . . .well, immediately. I'm going to take myself out of my house and do all my writing elsewhere, away from the comfort and safety of my bedroom. I'm also going to do my blogs and website maintenance off site. I'm not sure what how productive that will make me, but hopefully changing up the surroundings will reinvigorate me and get me back on track. So here's to the Screenwriter's Journey Writer's Retreat. Join me if you want, and let's work the keyboard!

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