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Day 258: Let's Catch Up

It's been a busy 3 weeks since the last post. Unfortunately, I haven't been busy with screenwriting. That's not necessarily a bad thing. For most of April, I was insanely busy with writing, rewriting, editing and cutting Come Ups and The Calling in anticipation of the Nashville Writer's Conference. With two requests for The Calling, it was an even more frenzied time with more rewrites and editing. I don't know what my exact page count was, but I think I can safely assume I more than made my monthly page count.

May has been a bit more relaxed. Taking a break from the screenwriting, I turned my attention to a second website I run: That site has not been touched since I started the journey last September. When last I checked, Hike-LosAngeles was getting maybe 300 hits a week. It's now up to about 1500 a week, and that's without me doing anything to promote it. I figured it was time to add some hikes.

I put up two new hikes, one to San Gabriel Peak and another to Switzer Falls. This required writing scripts for the videos (not to mention doing the hikes to get the video), trail descriptions, trail guides and creating maps for the hikes. I also had to add a number of photos, do color correction, build the pages and upload everything. It takes about 4 days to complete a page. Then there was the requisite advertising on social media via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. All in all, that took almost two weeks to complete. So there was a fair amount of writing going on.

I also signed up for ScriptFest 2016, home of the Great American Pitch Festival. That takes place this weekend and will give me another opportunity to pitch both The Calling and Come Ups. I may even attempt a pitch on The Devil's Tramping Ground, my next project to rewrite. I will take in my first 10 pages of that rewrite to the Rewrites Writers Group Thursday night and I have been attending Tuesdays@9 which wraps up for the season next week.

So it's been quite a couple of weeks, and there have been other developments. I placed The Calling on and Come Ups received a script request from a producer on InkTip. In addition, I entered a number of contests, but I'll go into that in more detail in a future blog. What I can say is that the marketing of two scripts is well under way after a long delay, and a third script may be ready in a month or so. Whew! I'd love to sit down and take a break, but I've got to get ready for the pitch festival this weekend.

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