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Day 195: What's Next?

Now that I’ve completed the latest round of rewrites and workshops and received coverage notes, the question becomes where do I go from here? Obviously, based on the notes provided by Screenplay Readers, there are still some problems with the script for Come Ups. It feels a little overwhelming to jump back into rewrites when I’ve only just completed the latest version.

I think it may be best to take a little time to let things settle and, perhaps, mull over the changes that will be required to address the notes. The changes don’t seem horrible at first glance, but once you start to consider what actually has to go into incorporating them into the script, it becomes quickly apparent that it will take a fair amount of work with restructuring and tracking down all the ripple effects that will happen throughout the screenplay.

I’ve learned a lot over the past six months, and it might behoove me to take a look at some of my other scripts and see how closely they come to the new paradigm I’ve been creating since the start of this journey. I may find that they need some considerable rewriting. Or maybe not. If they are in reasonable shape, I might be able to have three scripts ready for marketing in a very short time, which would leave me open to start a new project to carry me through the second half of this year long journey.

I have rough sketches for a couple of story ideas with some pages written for each of them. I’ll spend the next couple of days reviewing those prospects and develop a plan to move forward from here.

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