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Day 186: Eek! Second Reader Feedback

What a difference 12 hours can make. From the giddy highs of last night to the depths of despair this morning. One of my personal readers got back to me this morning and the results were. . .well, she hated Shep. Just didn’t like him. He wasn’t quite as big an ass as Tyler, but an ass nonetheless. Like my first reader, action thriller is not her preference, but that’s one of the reasons I chose her.

The audience is going to be primarily men, teens to 40s. That’s Hollywood’s main demographic, but if I can win over the women, I’ve got a good script. Maybe not four quadrant, but a higher marketability overall. It doesn’t seem to have done that. My only saving caveat is that she read the original script without all the new changes. She’s going to read that tonight and get back to me tomorrow.

There were good comments as well, but the takeaway was she just didn’t care enough about the characters to care about the story. That’s a huge problem, and, man, I feel awful right about now. I’m wishing Monday was a lot further away. I’m now dreading the coverage reports.

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