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Day 185: Final Pages Read at Rewrites Workshop

Tonight was the last 10 pages of the script read aloud at the Rewrites Writers’ Workshop. There was considerable anticipation as the action has been building to the big finale. Reaction was very strong and positive. The other writers loved the climax, the resolution and the characters. Even Shep. They didn’t have the benefit of seeing the most recent changes, but their comments lead me to believe the changes will strengthen Shep and, hopefully, that issue has been resolved.

In addition, the format, despite the heavy action sequences, was well received. The only criticisms I received was to pare down any extraneous words to make the action fly even faster and perhaps to make the action more engaging for the non-action lover. The action is well written, but could use a little more zing. A little more Shane Black editorializing, if you will.

One reader even said it’s 100X better than most scripts out there. What else can I say? It was a good night. There is, of course, a big difference in hearing a script out loud and reading it on the page. The big moment will come with the coverage readers review. Monday can’t come fast enough. Crossing my fingers and holding my breath!

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