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Day 171: Rewrites Workshop

Day 171: Rewrites Workshop

I took another 10 pages of Come Ups into the Rewrites Workshop tonight. The reaction was mostly positive with the only negative comment being that everyone was ready for some high stake action to happen. That is about to happen in the script, but it is interesting to note that was considerable anticipation from the readers. This could be a good sign that they are engaged and looking forward to the next developments or it could be that they are getting antsy and their interest is beginning to ebb.

The problem could be resulting from the fact that we only get to see 10 pages once a week. If the script were read in a continuous state, they may not have that feeling. It does indicate a certain slow down in the story as I set up the action to come. This could be overcome, I believe, if I could trim a few pages. My Save the Cat plot points are all falling a bit late. If these could be realigned, there may not be such an antsy feeling among the readers even with the one-week separation between readings.

It’s an issue I’ve considered as I have progressed with the rewrites, but I think the structure is fairly sound at this point. I really think it’s just a matter of making everything more concise. I don’t think it’s a make or break issue at the moment, but one I need to keep in mind when I make the final polish on the script.

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