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Day 125: Back in the Saddle

It’s the last day of the holiday break. After some intense recovery from my cross country trip, which was basically a lot of sleeping, I have hopefully moved back into the daily grind. This first full week back at work will test my resolve to power through the accumulated weeks of inactivity and see some notable progress.

Today was spent catching up on household duties and restocking the fridge. With that accomplished, I turned my attention to the website and brought it back up to speed. Weekend box office results and November’s spec sales have been updated, December’s news articles archived, new articles for January added and the Facebook page, Google+ pages and Twitter have new postings from the blog. The only thing I have accomplished is responding to new followers on Twitter. I’ll tackle that tomorrow.

I also pulled the Word document with the changes and corrections to “Come Ups” from my laptop and imported it back into Movie Magic. The import seems to have worked perfectly with no reformatting necessary. I took some time to go through the first act again and made a few nips and tucks, but I am very satisfied with the first act as it stands. I began making some adjustments to the second act before the midpoint. I called it a day around 10 PM. After several hours in front of the computer, it was time for a break. A quickly made salad for dinner was followed by a screening of “The Gift” with Joel Edgarton and Jason Bateman (good movie with a disturbing twist).

Tomorrow will see a completion of the first half of the second act. I have been sitting on these changes since the beginning of October. Time to put this puppy to bed. It is my goal to have this version completed by this coming weekend. That’s seven days. I am firmly committed that this will happen come hell or high water. I have other projects ready to go and I need to get this one out for feedback. Let’s see how the resolve holds.


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