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Day 103: Changes for Change Sake?

I thought I would have a finished draft of Come Ups completed this weekend, or at least a draft very close to finished. It seems, however, that I can't leave well enough alone. Instead of moving on to the second half of the script, I went back over my changes leading up to the midpoint, hoping to get another page or two out of the script and realign my plot points.

I actually managed to remove nearly 6 pages, but created a whole host of other problems. Shep's love interest with Reggie is gone, the ending of the script needs a completely overhaul and the confrontation scene with Reydel and Hiram no longer makes any sense. There is no context for it. But hey, that new strip club confrontation works nicely. . .I think.

My question is are these changes worth the changes I'm going to have to make to the second half of the script. I can avoid the Hiram/Reydel confrontation changes by putting the earlier scene back in, but then my plot points go out of alignment again and I still need a completely different ending, which will be a major challenge in itself. And if I go through with all these changes, will the script be better or just different. I have no idea. The changes I've made up to this point seem to be positive, so I'm going to push forward with these new ideas. I can always revert back, but either way, making these changes will delay the completion of the script and push back receiving any feedback. If the changes don't make the script substantially better, it will be a lot of wasted time.

I'm feeling frustrated and discouraged, and with my new job starting on Monday I'm not going to have time for a concentrated effort on working out the kinks. It's a huge gamble, but one I'm going to take.

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