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Day 34: New Episode of Everyday Clowns

I haven't done much script writing in the last couple of days. I didn't even do anything for the website yesterday, but I made up for it today. I added some new articles and updated the weekly box office totals and, most importantly, I blasted through the rest of the Everyday Clowns script I started on the last day of September, adding 11 pages. It's a longer script than I intended, but it seems to be an important episode. I think it will be the midpoint of the series and as such it is crammed with plot points.

On the surface, it's just another day of mayhem for our characters as they attend a funeral for one Mr. Fancy Pants' friends. But along the way we re-introduce Fancy's ex-wife, the bareback riding Sugar Pops, and discover she may be involved with the mimes. Billy's transition to mimehood is almost complete and in a twist even to me, we learn Fancy has a son! About the only thing I didn't work into the script in this draft was Lalo's new love interest, Dolly the Little Person. It's definitely a rough draft, but it has a very different tone. There's more pathos and we learn that even Clowns have feelings.

The story has definitely taken on a new and more complicated direction. It's not all comic sketches anymore, which gives the series a bit of gravitas and gives it a little weight. It's going to be interesting to see how I get to the big finale!

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