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Day 17: Schedule Frustrations & Concerns

I've been very productive this week. Just not productive in the way I want. There has been little to no writing. My schedule seems to have been taken over by everything but the writitng. That's not to say there has been no writing. I spent the last 3 days creating an in-depth analysis of the first act of my screenplay Come Ups, and that has been very helpful. I have been forced to look at my script in ways I hadn't previously. I had to justify my choices, and if I couldn't, I had to rewrite. So that's a very positive step on finishing the screenplay, but I really want to get back to writing the story. But I couldn't do that because I was also trying to create content for the website and build my brand (very important to my upcoming marketing efforts). I have scoured the web and my various screenwriting forums for articles to include on the News page, shot another ScriptTalk™ interview, watched The Long Kiss Goodnight in conjunction with the script and watched a new movie with a different take on the crime drama called The Lords of London. It was marketed as one kind of movie, but in actuality was a completely different type of film. I may do a whole blog on that.

I attended the first night of the new season of Tuesdays@9: Los Angeles, a writer's workshop sponsored by Naked Angels. I have pages up for reading next week, so I've got to try and get to that. This will be the first test of whether or not the changes I've made to Come Ups are working. And finally, I watched the first of three webinars that I purchased from The Writer's Store. I'll do a blog on that tomorrow.

So I've been very productive; I just haven't accomplished anything on the main reason I'm here. To write screenplays. Maybe an in-depth analysis of my schedule is in order. I'm over halfway through the month and I'm starting to think I won't make all my goals. It amy be time to take a big breath and do some re-evaluation. I mean, I've only got 49 weeks left to get this right!

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