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Day 10: Second Act Struggles

It's Day 10 and I'm tired. Keeping up with the website and the writing are taking their toll. I spent time today transferring the video files for the first ScriptTalk interview and did a little editing. I also spent a fair amount of time going through the various websites on the Resource Page looking for articles and surfing the web looking for additional sources of information. I've found a lot of great material out there, but I've got to be careful I don't spend the bulk of my time surfing as opposed to writing. It's easy to do when you are struggling with the writing because it gives you an excuse to put the writing off. Afterall, I'm still working on the career by finding useful information, right? Not exactly. Yes, the information I am acquiring will be useful, but the thrust of the work has to be the writing and Im stuggling at the moment. The Act I rewrites came fairly easy, and I thought I could knock the second act out just as quickly. Well, the first act is all set up. You're introducing characters and outlining the premise. In the second act you tell the story. Telling the story is a lot harder than setting it up. There is an old adage that says the story dies in the second act. I am understanding that all too well at the moment, so I am finding it easier to simply put off. That's not to say I haven't made progress. I've worked my way from page 28 to page 45, so I'm ahead of my page-a-day goal, but I had hoped to be further along. To make matters worse, I know I have to cut pages in this portion of the act if I want to hit my midpoint at page 55. I have cut some, but added more. So my page count remains about the same and the midpoint is occurring far too late. I need a concentrated effort to push through this section, which may require letting the website efforts to go by the wayside for the moment.

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