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Plan Your Journey - You Can't Make the Trip if You Don't Know How to Get There
10 Important Screenwriting Competitions & Deadlines


The AFW lists the 10 most important screenplay competitions for aspiring screenwriters looking to give their career a winning boost.


Jim Vines

The Working Screenwriter


The Working Screenwriter Jim Vines interviews Atlanta screenwriter Michael Bierman for a personal perspective on submitting your screenplay to the multitude of screenwriting contests eager to take your submission fee and are they worth the price.

Should You Pay to Pitch


Producing Unscripted


You already know you can pitch to us for free. But what about attending pitch fests or pitch pits — places that charge you a small (or large) fee for access to industry professionals who will consider your pitch? Are they worth it? Can you use them to your advantage?

Are All Screenplay Services Bullshit? The Black List Might Not Be

Beejoli Shah



Obvious statement of the day: screenwriting is not an easy profession to break into. Because of this truism, a cottage industry of screenplay services has popped up to help Hollywood hopefuls get notes, learn how to market themselves, and—most lucrative of all—have their material exposed to someone who might actually get their passion project made.

PRIMETIME: Why You Shouldn’t Use a Script Coverage Service

Chad Gervich



Stop using professional coverage services. They’re a waste of your time, your hopes, your creative energies.
Not because they’re no good; their “readers” and “consultants” may be literary geniuses—it doesn’t matter.
They’re a waste of time because, by design, they can almost never give you what you actually need to succeed.

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