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Plan Your Journey - You Can't Make the Trip if You Don't Know How to Get There
Chris Holland
Film Festival Secrets


After several hours of recording lectures for our new online course (more details in the show), filmmaker Alex Ferrari and I had a more casual conversation about his personal experience with festivals around the country and in industry towns like Los Angeles.

Why You Don't Need an Agent - Yet
Sheldon Bull

The Writer's Store


During the blastocyst period of my career, I was trying to climb out of the liquid nitrogen and differentiate into a working writer just as you are now. I knew not one soul in show business. (Not that there are too many people with souls in show business anyway.) 

So, like almost everyone else requesting three-hole punched paper at the copy store, I glommed on to the standard wannabe writer's quick-fix solution: I NEED AN AGENT!

Networking Your Way To Screenwriting Success Shouldn’t Be Hard
J Gideon Sarantinos



As a professional screenwriter, half your job is writing and the other half is networking. Remember that. Half your job is selling your work, and the other half is selling yourself. You want a reputation as someone people want to work with as well as someone who can write compelling and marketable screenplays.

Everything Screenwriters Need to Know About Agents and Managers
Ken Miyamoto


At the Nashville Writers Conference, two agents and one manager met up for a panel that lead to an amazing discussion covering the topic of representation. Here we’ll summarize the best takeaways from that panel, in hopes to offer a better understanding of the topic and how screenwriters can attain agents and managers.

20 Hollywood Literary Management Companies You Must Know About

Barri Evans

Industrial Scripts


Figuring out how to get a bona fide literary management company to represent you is complicated, especially if you’re new(ish) to the entertainment industry. Unlike most things, Googling “literary managers” won’t instantly answer your questions. It’s a confusing marketplace, due, in part, to the semi-collapse of the full-time script development job market in LA in recent times. Coupled with the rise of the snakeoil/peripheral manager who’s turned to management as a sort-of last ‘throw of the career dice’, the sheer volume of “managers” out there can be bewildering.

A Script Is No Longer Enough: 
Why First-Time Feature Directors Must Make a Proof-of-Concept

William Dickerson


People move to the West Coast every day in pursuit of that imagined windfall: one agent or producer reading your script, which leads to millions of dollars, and the second principal credit on a feature-film crawl. The allure of Hollywood, regardless of the wounded economy, is as strong as it’s ever been.

That said, perhaps due to that economy, and Hollywood’s narrow focus on producing $150 million-and-up tent-poles, the spec script is no longer enough to get your project up and running. So what else do you need?

Meet Hollywood’s Mr. Pitch
Anna Muoio
Fast Company

It’s a hard idea to accept, but it’s true: In an economy driven by ideas, the best idea doesn’t always win. Often, it’s the idea with the best pitch that wins. So, before you go to bat for your next great idea, you should master the art of the pitch. And where better to learn that art than in Hollywood from Robert Kosberg, who has invented a thriving career out of pitching ideas.

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