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Download the Bibles for TV Series



If you're working on developing a TV series, you Bible is the ultimate guide to your characters, settings, themes and extended plots. Every series has one, so you need to know how to create one. Here are several downloadable Bibles for you to study and reference as you create your own hit series.


We get it—comparing all the best screenwriting software options out there can be overwhelming.

When each program has multiple cool-sounding features, different price points and different levels of usability, knowing which screenwriting software to choose can be super confusing.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you make up your mind which is the best screenwriting software for you. We’ll be breaking down and comparing each of the five biggest and best script writing software programs on the market.

What’s The Difference Between Thriller And Horror?
Lucy V Hay
Bang 2 Write

Thriller and Horror … They’re practically the same genre, right? NOPE. Not by a long shot. Whilst they may share certain characteristics, Thriller and Horror are two definitive genres and this post will attempt to explain why in more detail.

Top 10 Screenwriting Books in 2018

Script Reader Pro lists the top 10 books you need to read in 2018.
Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make Getting (And Taking!) Notes
Lucy V. Hay
One of the most important things I learned about giving notes is to make it about the script and not the writer. This is not personal. This is about a piece of writing. This is about improving that writing and it’s not saying you’re a bad person or a bad parent or a cheating husband or any of that.
7 Things Screenwriters NEED to Know About Writing for Television
Ken Miyamoto

We have pulled nine pieces of vital information from JohnTruby’s Film Courage interviews The Life Of A Television Writer Working On A TV Writing Staff and What Writers Need To Know About Breaking Into Television and use his wise words and our own elaboration to offer aspiring television writers the best collection of knowledge and experience that will prepare them for their go at a possible career in television writing.

14 Quotes from Industry Figures That Prove Writers Need Script Coverage Now, More Than Ever
Industrial Scripts

The times they are a’ changing, as Bob Dylan once said. Who’d have thought a few years ago that full blown movie stars would be appearing on TV? And within the most important part (screenwriting) of the whole process, script coverage now occupies a completely different position of importance to a few years ago.

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