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Plan Your Journey - You Can't Make the Trip if You Don't Know How to Get There
Meet the Most Famous Hollywood Writer You've Never Heard Of
Andy Lewis
The Hollywood Reporter


Michael Green is on the hottest scriptwriting streak in town, with credits on four major films this year (including 'Logan' and 'Blade Runner 2049' — which is premiering new footage at Comic-Con) and co-creating credit on 'American Gods.' So how come nobody knows who he is?

'It's a hustle': Jon Ronson on how he made it into movies with the help of Okja the giant pig
Jon Ronson
The Guardian


My entry into screenwriting was not smooth. When I was 20, I wrote a film on spec and sent it to the BBC. They wrote back: “Usually, when we reject submissions, we like to offer some encouragement, but in your case we don’t see any point in you continuing.”

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