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Welcome to the Blog! This is the heart of our journey into selling a screenplay. Here you will find daily postings about the projects I am currently writing, rewriting and rewriting again. I'll explain my process and and the mechanics of screenwriting, incorporating all revisions into the samples located on the Projects page. But in addition to the writing, we'll delve into the business side of screenwriting and unravel the mysteries of writing query letters and developing pitches. Then when it's all put together, we'll set our marketing plan into action and see what kind of response we get. Hopefully, it won't necessitate a trip back to the drawing board.


But the blog isn't all work and no play. I'll be taking you to film festivals, workshops and pitch fests for an insider's looks at all the action behind the scenes. If you haven't attended one of these events in the past, this will be a good opportunity for you to understand how they work and what to expect when you get there. And you are going to attend, right?  You're on a journey, after all.


The blog will also feature interviews with fellow screenwriters, actors, directors and producers, giving you valuable insight into what they've experienced and what they expect when working with writers. The blog will be an indispensible font of information for you as you begin the journey to sell your own screenplay. You can begin that journey right now by subscribing to the blog using the form below.












You can also follow The Screenwriter's Journey on Twitter (William Gilmore #ScriptJourney), Facebook (The Screenwriter's Journey) and YouTube (The Screenwriter's Journey) using the links at the bottom of this page. 


So check out a blogcast and then get back to writing. Remember, the journey to a successful screenplay begins with a single keystroke.

Watch the thumbnail versions of the blogcasts by clicking the images below, or to view a larger version and comment on the blog, click the title or the 'Read More' button.

November 12, 2015

The word count is slowly inching its way up. I've hit right at 6,000 words, but I should be at 9,600 by this point. Although I have fallen behind, I have managed to pick up some words by staying late at work. This has helped keep me focused on the writing by eliminatin...

November 10, 2015


It's Day 71 of the Journey and I've been a litte remiss in posting this month, but it's not for lack of writing. In fact, it's because of the writing. After a brief hiatus on the job front, I'm back at work. This time around I'm associate producing for the reality ser...

November 2, 2015

NaNoWriMo is going to be difficult for several reasons. One, I'm shifting gears in the style of writing - switching from screenplay to novel. That is taking a little time to adjust to. And secondly, I'm working sporadically at the moment at a day job, which just happen...

November 1, 2015


I was feeling pretty good about my accomplishments for October, and I did get a lot done, but then I had a look at the stated goals for the month as I prepared to make my next set of goals.  I came up considerably shorter than I thought. I did well on the writing fron...

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